We create trust in greenhouse gas measurement

We envision a future in which innovators, climate solution funders and farmers anywhere in the world can understand and manage their methane emissions.

Our mission is to make livestock methane measurement accurate and accessible.

Improving Systems

Lowering the cost of greenhouse gas measurement by 10x can improve sustainability, yield, soil conservation, and reduce methane and carbon emissions.

Scaling Impact

Partner with major agricultural stakeholders to create data-driven, impactful policies that shape market trends and drive global growth.

Public Good

We use open-source technology to advance science, creating constantly improving, accessible tools to help researchers work more efficiently.

What We Do

Our technology brings machine learning and simulation tools to agriculture by:

  1.  Developing open-air testbeds to evaluate and calibrate methane measurement technologies to ensure that they accurately measure emissions in real-world environments, including with both “artificial cows” and cows-on-pasture.

  2.  Designing an agricultural emissions statistical prediction engine that standardizes methane measurement, supports efficient Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for livestock methane emissions, and makes methane experiments more actionable.

Why it matters

 We will unlock the level of scale and detail needed to measure and connect emissions to climate impact, accelerating the development of agriculture sensors and markets.

Additionally, our open-source tools will reduce the cost and decrease the complexity of measurement.

Our Supporters

This project is funded in part by Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Schmidt Futures, and Spark Climate Solutions. These partners empower us with strategic relationships throughout the public and private climate innovation space.