About us

CowBell Labs envisions a world in which agricultural climate innovation is democratic – accessible to inventors, innovators, and practitioners worldwide.

We believe that climate change is the defining issue of our time. Reducing agricultural methane and nitrous oxide emissions, which cause 25% of current global warming, is a major US and global priority. But we can only manage these emissions if we can measure them. Let’s measure them!


Doc Brown, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director

  • Developed Spark Climate Solutions Livestock  Methane R&D initial thesis and policy recs.

  • Co-Founded Google X’s Mineral, an Agricultural Robotics company.

  • Co-Developed Pivot Bio’s product development process for its microbial nitrogen fertilizer, now on millions of acres.

Evan Abel, MBA

VP Operations and Partnerships

  • Built Walmart’s InHome membership and novel last mile delivery business unit

  • Developed, designed, and manufactured over 100 consumer good products for OXO, Doona, Wim, Whstl…

  • Co-founded Frank, a peer-to-peer lending platform rooted in behavioral economics


Charles Brooke
Program Lead, Enteric Methane
Spark Climate Solutions

John Albertson
Micrometeorology & Data Science Lead
Cornell University

Erika Reinhardt
Executive Director
Spark Climate Solutions

Hayden Montgomery
Agriculture Program Director
Global Methane Hub

Dr. Lester Mackey
Machine Learning
MacArthur Genius
Microsoft / Stanford

Rosie Holstein
Berkshires, MA